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36x24 "Whimsical Wonderland"
50x60 'Why Limit Happy to and Hour'
24x18 _Sprinkle Time II_ Mixed Media on
24x18 _Sprinkle Time I_ Mixed Media on P
40x40 'Fanatic Fuzz'
36x36 'Direction Unknown'
36x24 "Floral Fountain"
24x18 _Beach Party I_ Mixed Media on Pap
24x18 _Beach Party II_ Mixed Media on Pa
12x12 "Loony Land IV"
12x12 "Loony Land III"
12x12 "Loony Land V"
12x12 "Loony Land II"
12x12 "Loony Land I"
12x12 _Ocean Breeze I_
12x12 _Ocean Breeze II_
24x18 "Palios II"
24x18 "Palios I"
36x48 "Color Wave"
36x48 "Chaos Containment"
36x36 'Razzle Rush'
36x36 'Earth Elevated'
36x36 'Mossy Maze'
20x20 'The Masquerade I'
20x20 'The Masquerade II'
20x20 'The Masquerade III'
48x36 'The Storm I'
48x36 'The Storm II'
"Blues and Glues" 36x48
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20x20 'The Masquerade II'